Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DUPE ALERT: M.A.C Satin Taupe

You guys probably heard this a lot, but I will review this product anyway, because these are my favorites.

I heard from a couple  source that "Nutty" from Wet N' Wild is a DUPE for M.A.C "Satin Taupe", so here they are:

I actually hooked with Wet N' Wild eyeshadow before that already. They have the BEST pigmentation compared to probably all drugstore brand eyeshadow, and even comparable to high end product like Urban Decay or Mac.

Wet N' Wild "Nutty", M.A.C "Satin Taupe"

As you can see, they look pretty much the same in the pan, a beautiful taupe color. However, "Satin Taupe" look like it has more bronzy color to it while "Nutty" has more silver undertone.

Here is the swatch
Wet N' Wild "Nutty", M.A.C "Satin Taupe"

So yes, they are not exactly the same but when you put this on the lid they are look alike and you probably can't tell. The Wet N' Wild shadow seems to be a little bit creamier in texture compare to M.A.C; while both eyeshadow have a really, really great pigmentation.

However, the downfall of the Wet N' Wild product compared to the M.A.C one is it seems to have more fallout, and if you drop it, they will break easily. The packaging also look cheap and plasticky? lol. But, if you don't mind about the cheap packaging then you should get it. M.A.C eye shadow cost you $15 while the price tag on the Wet N' Wild shadow only $2 - $3 depending on your local drugstore. 


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  3. I love both of these eyeshadow. The only difference I could find was that Satin Taupe has a more violet frost to it, and Nutty has a silvery pearl to it.