Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Loves...Candles

It's kind of weird to see my unhealthy obsession with burning candles. However, i really love them this fall, specifically, because all the fall scents that make me fell warm, and cozy. Its just remind me a lot of this beautiful autumn season with a falling leaves, cozy warm sweater and of course a hot caramel latte! slurp :)

Here some of my fall candles collection

Left to Right
Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Caramel latte, Creamy Pumpkin, Gingerbread,
Candied Sugar Plum, Hot Buttered Rum, Homemade Cookie, S'mores

And the one that i'm currently burning 

And here is the definition according to them:
Caramel Apple: Golden apple, brown sugar and creamy caramel are blended caramel are blended with anjou pear, nutmeg and vanilla cream.
Pumpkin Caramel latte: A frothy blend of creamy pumpkin, sweet vanilla cream and sweet pralines is topped with a spiced caramel swirl.
Creamy Pumpkin: Creamy caramel and gingerbread pumpkin blended perfectly with vanilla, golden amber and soothing warm cream
Gingerbread: The perfect blend of spicy ginger, rich buttercream and brown sugar topped with rich vanilla frosting
Candied Sugar Plum: Rich, sugared plum and boysenberries are blended perfectly with sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and a touch of apple
 Hot Buttered Rum:  Rich and delicious, a comforting blend of spiced rum and warm caramel, with a touch of vanilla bourbon
Homemade Cookie: Whipped buttercream and pure cane sugar mixed with pure vanilla bean and rich, sweat cream for this fresh baked treat.
S'mores:  Layers of gooey marshmallow, melted dark chocolate and sweet graham crackers.
Autumn: A crisp fall fragrance that blends pomegranate and red delicious apple, with notes of fir balsam and rich cedar-wood.

Slatkin&Co make the best burning candles in my opinion. If you haven't tried any of these, you should try one. You can get them all in Bath & Body Works store and online. 
They have a lot of new scents coming out for winter season, so probably they discontinued some of these scents already. 
Its price is $20 each. I know, i know, it is pretty expensive for a candle, but i get mine when they had sale 2 for $20, so basically it's buy one get one free. They always have the sale at least once a month i think. Get your hands on this candles, you'll love it as much as i do!